Today I saw my SHRM-CP certification exam results. I knew I had passed but I wasn’t expecting to see a synopsis of my performance. They break the results down into categories: areas for improvement (yellow,) competence (gray) and strengths (blue.) It’s not often that one receives this type of professional feedback. I imagine this information would be especially helpful to those who need to retest; but it’s also good to know in general. I’ll admit, it feels good to see that yellow section blank. 🙂


Life Lesson: Do What You’re Doing While You’re Doing It

I think at some point in time we’ve all read a quote, watched a YouTube video, seen a tweet or Facebook post and thought “Wow, this really speaks to me. I needed to see/hear that today.” It’s as if the universe knew what you needed right at the moment and gave it to you. Well, this HuffBlackVoices video with Tracee Ellis Ross was that thing for me today. Continue reading

Twitter Transparency: I’m Gonna Be Me

Twitter is by far one of my favorite social media platforms. I use it for news, socializing, entertainment, career information and more. It really is one of the greatest things ever (in a  “provided all of your basic needs have been met already” type of way.) Continue reading

Let’s Make This Official: SHRM-CP

I’ve been an HR Professional for over 10 years. I have progressed through my career from HR Assistant to HR Generalist, working with multiple nonprofit organizations (and a few for-profits) in the DC Metro Area. Every few years I would consider pursuing certification (PHR), but for whatever reasons, I never got around to doing it. Continue reading

#DayInTheLife: Supervisor Shenanigans


The look you have when your supervisor asks you to send them something you already sent them four days ago.  #CheckYourEmail

SHRM #nextchat: Workplace Wellness

I’m a day late on this but better late than never, as they say. As usual, yesterday’s SHRM #nextchat was super interesting and informative. The topic was Does Workplace Wellness Need a Checkup? We do not have a formal wellness program at my current employer so I was interested in learning how other organizations, particularly smaller nonprofits, implement effective programs.  Continue reading

SHRM #nextchat: Org. Size & HR Metrics

Today’s SHRM #nextchat topic was How Organizational Size Affects HR And Metrics. This topic is of particular interest to me because I am tasked with compiling data on  Quality of Hire, Cost to Hire, Exit Interviews, etc. I develop quarterly reports and executive summaries and then *crickets.* Nothing happens. So I was interested in learning not only what other organizations measure but also what happens with the data HR collects and presents to leadership. It was a highly informative chat, as usual.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2016



Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is known for having said and accomplished many, MANY inspirational things. There are numerous meaningful images and quotes I could have posted here today. However, as I think about my career goals, job search and future in HR, this quote in particular speaks to me. – Keep moving forward. 


#DayInTheLife: Hiring Hurdles


Diff Strokes Arnold

When a hiring manager asks you to schedule interviews but doesn’t update their Outlook calendar..



#DayInTheLife: Crazy Candidates

January 7 – I had to make a few calls to schedule interviews. Some applicants I reached immediately.  I also had to leave a few voicemail messages and have the applicants return my calls at their convenience.

This is a pretty basic HR task, but one particular applicant stands out from this exchange. She returned my call based on the voicemail which stated my name, organization and why I was calling. Typical. We go on to schedule the interview, I tell her I will send an email confirmation and prepare to say goodbye. Before I can do so, the applicant asks these questions:

  • Can you tell me the name of the organization? (Huh? I’ve said it multiple times.)
  • Can you send me the job posting? (Didn’t you see it before you applied?) Continue reading