Rasberry Consulting afforded us superior human resource consulting and interim operational support. As a 40+ person dynamic nonprofit with a variety of human capital needs, Tamara skillfully facilitated the timely recruitment of mission critical roles and revised out dated personnel policies. Ms. Rasberry’s depth and expertise in today’s HR demands was a valuable asset in our journey toward building a thriving and equitable workplace culture.

demaune millard, president & ceo, family league of baltimore

Tamara is a phenomenal speaker and deep subject matter expert in all-things DEI as well as an advocate and expert on mental health in the workplace in the context of equity and inclusion. She was a panelist on one of our highest-attended and highest-rated webinars this year where she spoke earnestly to an audience of HR leaders and peers about what it takes to be an ally and the pivotal role HR plays in leading decisive action and lasting progress for DEI. If you want a speaker who can speak candidly and compassionately about these critical topics, Tamara is the one to call.

tallulah david, vp, content & product marketing, careerarc

Tamara is one of the most progressive HR representatives I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has demonstrated strong acumen, respect and consideration for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Never without innovative strategies and solutions for improving employee engagement, she is the resident expert on this priority. With a great degree of professionalism she administers generalist and benefits activities. Tamara regularly provides education on employee rights/ employer responsibilities, she is a highly trusted HR Manager. It is not an uncommon practice to find her going above and beyond her duty to ensure employee satisfaction and holistic inclusion into the workplace culture. She is a powerful advocate for equality and strengthening the workplace by working with individuals from all walks of life (e.g, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and political affiliation).

ibijoke akinbowale, housing counseling executive

Tamara is a consummate professional who cares deeply about HR and about people. As the chair of the 2017 DC SHRM Conference/Program committee, Tamara’s leadership ability was apparent as she made space for all voices while moving us forward to make quality decisions. I have been involved in committee work for years, and it was a pleasure to serve on the committee under her leadership. As a colleague, I know Tamara to be thoughtful and passionate about doing HR well. She has become part of my inner circle as a trusted go-to partner when I need advice or a thought partner.

anne tomkinson, leadership coach & anti-racism facilitator

In March 2020, Tamara presented at my local SHRM chapter workshop. She closed the day with the topic of Mental Health. From the reviews and conversations, Tamara was one of the best speakers of the day. She was well prepared and spoke confidently on the topic. She provided great detail and insight while keeping the audience engaged. We would love to have her back anytime.

jazmine wilkes, hr professional

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