Today I saw my SHRM-CP certification exam results. I knew I had passed but I wasn’t expecting to see a synopsis of my performance. They break the results down into categories: areas for improvement (yellow,) competence (gray) and strengths (blue.) It’s not often that one receives this type of professional feedback. I imagine this information would be especially helpful to those who need to retest; but it’s also good to know in general. I’ll admit, it feels good to see that yellow section blank. 🙂


2 thoughts on “SHRM-CP EXAM RESULTS

  1. How long it take you to receive official results after you took the test? I passed the exam on June 6th. Just wondering how long I have to wait to see the official breakdown like this.

    • Hi Chad.

      I’m not sure how long it takes. I didn’t even know this breakdown was available. I just happened to see it when I logged onto the certification site. If you already received notification that you passed, it may be available to you now. If not it should be soon. Congrats on passing the exam and getting your certification!

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