trHELLO! I’m Tamara. I’m so glad you decided to visit my little part of the Internet. I’m a total introvert so I love that the Internet allows me to reach hundreds/thousands/100s of thousands of people without me actually having to be in a room with them all at the same time. Folks often say they entered HR because they are”a people person.” I am NOT a people person. Not in the sense of someone who likes being around and talking to people all the time. However, I do care about people and find joy in being able to use my acquired knowledge and natural talents and abilities to help others have a better work/life experience.


Whitman-Quote-I-am-large-I-contain-multitudesI cringe when people say “tell me about yourself.” My response is usually, “what do you want to know?” as my mind tries to come up with a way to change the topic. I don’t like talking about myself. Plus, “about yourself” is super broad. I am many things.  However, from a professional standpoint, I am an HR Manager who has worked in support of nonprofit organizations – as an employee and consultant – for 14+ years. As a student of human behavior, I like that HR allows me the opportunity to interact with and observe a variety of individuals. However, I particularly enjoy the helping aspect of human resources. I view Recruiting & Hiring as helping people obtain jobs. I view Employee Relations as helping people communicate and obtain a healthier/happier work experience. I view Benefits Administration as helping to ensure people are covered in case of illness or injury. You get the idea. In lieu of becoming a therapist, I became an HR pro.

The tagline for the site is ‘HR Pro with a People First Perspective‘ because I truly believe – cliche’ though it may be – that human beings are our most important & valuable resource. I view everything I do through an ’employee-centered’ prism, reach is really a ‘people-centered’ prism because employees are people who are valuable regardless of their employment status. When we value people in general, its that much easier to value the people who work for/with you. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always easy advocating for employees while also looking out for the business interests of the employer but I believe the two should be in alignment more often than not. I believe treating people fairly, with respect and consideration for them as individuals, not just as cogs in the machine, should always be a priority.


How much time do we have? Off the top of my head, I’m passionate about:

  • creating inclusive workplaces that are safe spaces for people to bring their whole selves;
  • employee happiness and well-being;
  • removing the stigma of mental illness and encouraging employers to be supportive of employees who are living with it;
  • ending homelessness and food insecurity; and
  • having courageous conversations.


I started this blog to share my views on a variety of HR-related topics as well as to give some insight into my world as an HR professional. At first the name was just my name – Tamara M. Rasberry. Clever, right? I renamed it Not a Thought Leader based on a blog post by one of my #HRTribe members that really resonated with me. I told her it would make a great name for a blog and she gave me the go ahead to use it.  I like the name because even though I write about HR, I don’t do it from the angle of “this is what you should do because I say so because I’m all-knowing.” I write about my thoughts, experiences and point of view and hopefully something I write will resonate with folks. If someone asks for my thoughts or opinions, I’ll freely share them, but I’m not setting out to be the GaryVee of HR. At least not to call myself that. But if you want to call me that, who am I to stop you? 🙂


Twitter is one of my favorite ways to connect with people so please feel free to contact me on Twitter at @tmrasberry. If you’re not a Twitter person, you can also find me on LinkedIn and to a lesser degree, Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you!