SHRM #nextchat: Workplace Wellness

I’m a day late on this but better late than never, as they say. As usual, yesterday’s SHRM #nextchat was super interesting and informative. The topic was Does Workplace Wellness Need a Checkup? We do not have a formal wellness program at my current employer so I was interested in learning how other organizations, particularly smaller nonprofits, implement effective programs. 

While cost is always a concern, it’s also important to ensure you are providing employees with valuable resources. It is also especially important to be mindful of HIPAA and GINA legislation as well as general privacy and confidentiality concerns. There is certainly a lot to consider when establishing a workplace wellness program but employers must balance those considerations with the well-being of their employees.

One chat participant made the excellent point that just as important as providing wellness resources is establishing a work environment that is not stressful, allowing flexibility, etc. Stress is a main contributor to health issues including high blood pressure and weight gain. 

Hopefully I will soon be able to put together a workplace wellness program. My first step would be to ask staff members what they NEED. I believe in getting employee feedback when it comes to implementing policies or programs that are supposed to benefit them.

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