#HRCarnival – In Full Bloom

april showersThey say “April showers bring May flowers.” Well, in my neck of the woods (DC,) the showers have stuck around well into May but nevertheless blossoms abound! For example, I’m blossoming as host of this month’s Carnival of HR!


If you’re not familiar, the Carnival of HR is a compilation of HR (or HR adjacent) blog posts. Every month a blogger takes over hosting the carnival and this month it’s MY turn. Just like a real carnival, it’s tons of fun but without the unpleasantness of standing in line to get on rides or getting sick from overdosing on cotton candy and funnel cakes. There’s no theme to the Carnival this month. The topics are as varied as flowers in a garden. Pick the ones that stand out most to you or pick them all for a colorful bouquet of HR (or HR adjacent) goodness.

(In No Particular Order)

Dorothy Dalton (@3PlusInt) – 3 Plus International –  How to Attract Female Talent to Your Jobs

Yvonne LaRose (@VivaVoce) – The Pundit – Inclusiveness

Heather McCulligh (@SabaSoftware) – SABA Blog – Making the Case for People-Centric Performance Management

Chris Connolly (@VoiceofHR) – Voice of HR – How We Use Technology to Build a Data Driven HR Business Case

Mark Levison (@mlevison) – Agile Pain Relief Consulting – Specialists are Overrated

Jennifer Juo (@udemyforbiz) – Udemy for Business – 3 Ways L&D Can Change Employee Behavior

John Hunter – (@aJohnHunter / @curiouscat_com) Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog –  Good Project Management Practices

Keith Enochs (@KeithCEnochs / @workingtitlehr) – WorkingTitleHR – You Hired Dr. Jekyll but got Mr. Hyde

John Baldino (@jbalive / @humareso) – Humareso – Live to Tell

Judy Lindenberger (@LindenbergerLLC) – The Lindenberger Group, LLC – How to Ask for a Raise

Mike Haberman (@MikeHaberman) – Omega HR Solutions, Inc. – Age Discrimination in Today’s World

Sarah Brennan (@hrtechblog) – HR Tech Blog – Following My Passion and (re)Launching Accelir

Prasad Kurian (@prasadokurian)- Simplicity @ the Other Side of Complexity – Treating the Multiple Personality Disorder of HR Professionals

Mark Fogel (@HC3) – Human Capital 3.0 / Fistful of Talent – Did HR Blogging Jump the Shark?

Jesse Lyn Stoner (@jesselynstoner) – Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership – A Flawed Idea Well Executed Does Not Fail Forward

Wendy Dailey (@wyndall93) – My Dailey Journey – #HRMixtape: Hamilton

Jazmine Wilkes (@HRJazzy) – HR Jazzy Blog – The Unpopular Opinion of a Black Woman

Dr. Dawn Graham (@DrDawnGraham) Dr. Dawn on Careers – Switching Careers: Bypass the Bias!

Sabrina Baker (@SabrinaLBaker) – Acacia HR Solutions – Introversion is Not a Weakness – The Speech I Give in Every Myers Briggs Workshop

Laura Schroeder (@WorkGal) – Working Girl – Get Off the Couch: Agility, Innovation and Failure

Helo Tamme  (@WPHappinessBlog) – Workplace Happiness – Can Food Affect Workplace Happiness?

I hope you’ve enjoyed the May 2018 Carnival of HR aka HR Carnival! Be sure to keep an eye out for the June Carnival, hosted by Bill Boorman (Extra Edition!) and Jazmine Wilkes.

The #JobSearch Climate is Changing (Infographic)

A couple of weeks ago I attended a webinar presented by BEYOND on The Text Generation of Recruitment. In this webinar the presenter discussed the benefits of using texting as part of your recruitment strategy. One of the best reasons given was that people are on their phones ALL THE TIME. Some of the stats given included:

74% of job seekers use a mobile device in their job search. 

Text messages have an open rate of 99% vs. email open rates of 20%.

Recruiting texts have a 15% average response rate within the first hour after sending.

I took a lot of notes but basically, it’s worth weighing the pros and cons and considering whether texting makes sense for your recruitment strategy if you want to have the best chance of reaching people where they are.

As a follow-up, BEYOND sent some additional resources via email, including this lovely infoographic. Y’all know I can’t resist a good infographic and since sharing is caring, I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy!


Glassdoor Introduces New Job Search Experience

I’m a huge fan of technology and working smarter not harder. I am so glad that many HR functions can now be automated or at least enhanced by technology such as by using an Applicant Tracking System. What did we ever do without them? 

While I’m always on the hunt for tools to help me do my job better, I’m also on the hunt for tools to help me find a better job. As such, I am intrigued by Glassdoor’s recent launch of a new job search experience. Continue reading