Glassdoor Introduces New Job Search Experience

I’m a huge fan of technology and working smarter not harder. I am so glad that many HR functions can now be automated or at least enhanced by technology such as by using an Applicant Tracking System. What did we ever do without them? 

While I’m always on the hunt for tools to help me do my job better, I’m also on the hunt for tools to help me find a better job. As such, I am intrigued by Glassdoor’s recent launch of a new job search experience.

Glassdoor already provides more information for the job seeker than a typical job board – salaries, employee comments, etc. Now they are going a step further and promising to make the job search experience even better by, among other things:

  • Allowing you to stay in one window while receiving everything you need, including; browsing jobs, clicking through openings, seeing job descriptions, saving jobs for viewing at a later time, and being able to instantly apply to a job.
  • Incorporating employee generated content, such as company reviews and salary information, into job descriptions to help you quickly evaluate if a company is a good fit.

On the recruiter/employer side of things, this new  experience will help create a more effective recruiting pipeline. Employers can offer a differentiated job search experience that can help them stand out from competitors through branded content that shows job seekers what it’s really like to work for their company. How exciting! 

I’m looking forward to checking out these improvements. Check out the video below for more info.

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