HR Humor: Flex Time, Schmex Time


Pure , unadulterated fact!

Despite the current conversations surrounding the proven benefits of work/life balance, flexible work hours and the like, it never ceases to amaze me the extent to which this proves true. It’d be great if more employers focused more on employee morale, productivity and results than on a few “missed” minutes in the morning, presuming there is no adverse impact to the business.

On a serious note, an unfortunate, and sometimes fatal, side to this obsession with being “on time” is that people drive recklessly, run into traffic to catch a bus, squeeze between closing train doors, etc. in order to avoid the wrath of a clock-watching supervisor. I am in no way advocating for randomly showing up 2-3 hours past your designated start time, but anything under 10 minutes should just be charged to the game. It’s not worth risking lives – yours or someone else’s- just to get to your desk five minutes sooner.

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