Reflection: #FirstSevenJobs

Recently the hashtag #FirstSevenJobs has been floating around Twitter. After reading a few lists from others, I started thinking about my own. I had actually forgotten one of my early jobs and seeing this topic sparked my memory.

I think it’s sometimes a good thing to take a moment and reflect on from whence you came. So here goes – my first seven jobs. I am not including jobs prior to age 18.

  1. Book re-shelver at Loyola College bookstore
  2. Sales associate at Lerner New York (now New York & Co.)
  3. Food server at Boston Chicken (now Boston Market)
  4. Administrative Assistant (government agency)
  5. Personnel Assistant (government agency)
  6. Development Assistant (nonprofit service organization)
  7. Human Resources Assistant (nonprofit trade association)

It’s been a bit of a odd ride but it’s brought me to where I am now.

What were your first seven jobs?


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