Focus on What Matters (#SHRM17 Takeaway)

I had the pleasure of attending Neen James’ Smart Stage session at SHRM17. Nearly two weeks later her words of wisdom still stand out to me. I tweeted my key takeaways, because that’s what I do. See below.

Neen’s directive to only focus on what matters rings true for both personal and professional tasks/relationships. As an HR Department of One (DOO) it is especially important to be mindful of how we’re using our time i.e. where we focus our attention because there never seems to be enough hours in the day when you are responsible for benefits, employee relations, compliance, and on and on. None of which is done in a vacuum – things POP UP all the time.

The statement on email made me immediately rethink how/when I use email. I usually think of how intrusive emails are to receive but I rarely considered the intrusiveness of the emails I send. Not that I ever send emails that aren’t important of course, but it’s the principle. Do unto others and all that jazz.

Neen has written a book, Folding Time: How to Achieve Twice As Much in Half the Timewhich I intend to check out based on the strength of Neen’s presentation. With work, school, parent/Grammy duties, and attempting to have some degree of a social life (limited though it may be) I need to achieve all I can in the time I have. Now what to do with these next 15 minutes?

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