“When it was time for me to take the marketing of my board game, The Debate Game, to the next level, I knew I wanted to incorporate videos but I had no idea of how to get people to actually SEE the videos. That’s where Tamara came in. She set up a YouTube channel, uploaded each video – including applicable tags – and gave each an attention grabbing title. She then 1) created multiple email campaigns to promote the videos and reach out to potential customers and 2) shared the videos with various local and national media outlets.

One of the videos caught the attention of the Smithsonian Institute’s ‘Art of Love’ project, resulting in The Debate Game co-sponsoring a groundbreaking event with them. Leading up to the event, Tamara created and managed a Twitter account to promote the game/event and to also reach out to and engage with people and entities discussing similar topics. Through Tamara’s use of strategic and targeted outreach, not only was the event a success but we were contacted by organizations around the globe wanting to share The Debate Game with their audiences.

Tamara’s advice is timely and relevant. She sees the big picture and thinks of multiple options, possibilities and outcomes. She definitely helped me take The Debate Game to the next level and put it in front of a wider audience resulting in more sales. I would not hesitate to recommend her or work with her again. In fact, I’m looking forward to it!

Dawn Taylor, Co-Founder, The Debate Game (2012)