What People Are Saying…

I have known Tamara since 2005 when she arrived to Nonprofit HR ready and eager to learn. As a professional, she quickly learned how to service nonprofits and listen, understand, and advise them on their unique human resource needs. I also consider her one of the few social media gurus that understand the brilliance in speaking to followers and building an online presence that appeals to a diverse audience.

Tamara was able to merge the best of both worlds bridging her expertise as an HR generalist with that of social media brilliantly. Her ability to provide consultative guidance and be influential are just two of the characteristics that the profession requires. When we ask people to be entrepreneurial, she often thought outside the box to bring her most creative and innovative self to the conversation.

Patty Hampton, Vice President and Managing Partner

I had the pleasure of attending a panel discussion hosted by the DC Small Business Development Center on Leveraging Social Media in Business in which Tamara co-presented. For personal use, I’d consider myself at the intermediate level for social media; therefore, I was looking to get some strategic tips and solutions for navigating social media in my small business, which Tamara did a great job in providing. Tamara understood that being a small business owner, you are often times every department, division, and position. With that understanding she was able to breakdown the benefits and draw-backs of each social media form, provide insight on finding a happy-medium between personal and professional social media profiles, and overall shared insightful expertise in the field. Great job Tamara! ingeniousEVENTS will navigate social media with ease now thanks to your great presentation.

Tiffany Cecilia Branch, Marketing & Events Specialist

I am pleased to recommend Tamara Rasberry to my clients and for all my consulting engagements. She not only knows immediately how to engage each client, but also she delivers to each client–ahead of aggressive deadlines–quality, thorough social media services.

As one who is organized, professional, and a skilled communicator, Tamara has an acute business sense to lead teams in maximizing business relationships and increasing profitability through social media platforms.

Tamara exemplifies both teamwork and leadership. Also, she has a strong grasp on the customers’ business objectives and requirements. She demonstrated these skills while revamping my company’s facebook and twitter business pages, and she marketed them well to my current and prospective audiences.

Tamara possesses the attributes of one who is extremely goal-oriented—true visionary. Needless to say, I will–without hesitation–hire Tamara Rasberry to satisfy any social media management requirements!

Melanie Parker, CEO, QualityOne Communications Consulting, LLC

Tamara has provided unparalleled HR support to NCRC during her tenure here. Whenever I have a question or concern, she provides a timely and knowledgeable response. Two words I would use to describe Tamara are thorough and expedient. She would be an asset to any organization’s HR department

Michael Bing, Director of the DC Minority Business Development Center

From the day she arrived Tamara has proven to be a mature professional with a positive, pleasant demeanor. Every time that she and I have interacted with respect to HR matters, she has provided all the support required to promptly resolve whatever issue I presented. From my perspective, she has performed her job responsibilities excellently, with minimal supervision.

H. Lyals Battle, Business Consultant

I have worked with Tamara Rasberry for almost two years as an HR Generalist. She is organized, knowledgeable, and responsive, and has helped me navigate the numerous HR issues and resources that I deal with as one of the Directors of the organization. I recommend her.

Robert Zdenek, Director of National Neighbors Silver

Tamara has HR covered. Her added value stems from her ability to go beyond the normal functions to actually improving processes to make the organization more efficient and functional.

D’Juan Hopewell, Corporate Social Responsibility and Campaign Strategy Consultant

“Incredibly efficient” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Tamara. Tamara is one half of the duo that handles all of the human resources tasks (recruiting, trainings, payroll, benefits, organizational policies, etc…) for all of the 60+ staff at our organization. Tamara’s ability to juggle multiple projects is unlike any I’ve seen before. When I was transitioning from an intern to a full time employee, Tamara went out of her way to make the process an easy one for me; she is just as resourceful to me as to each of the 60+ staff.

Loukman Lamany, Business Development Analyst

Tamara has, since the first interview for my job, been a wonderful resource. Be it insurance help, payroll questions, policy issues or help with job postings, I never feel as if I am intruding when I ask Tamara for help. I know when I need an answer to anything related to HR not only will Tamara have the right answer, she will answer me with a bright and genuine smile.

Jason Richardson, Director of Research & Evaluation

I have been very pleased and impressed with the assistance you have provided for my HR needs. You are always pleasant, competent and prompt in responding to requests. You are a beneficial asset to the organization.

Waymon Guinn, Program Manager, Small Business Teaming Center