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HELLO! I’m Tamara. I’m so glad you decided to visit my little part of the Internet. I’m a total introvert so I love that the Internet allows me to reach hundreds/thousands/100s of thousands of people without me actually having to be in a room with them all at the same time. Folks often say they entered HR because they are”a people person.” I am NOT a people person. Not in the sense of someone who likes being around and talking to people all the time. However, I do care about people and find joy in being able to use my acquired knowledge and natural talents and abilities to help others have a better work/life experience.


Whitman-Quote-I-am-large-I-contain-multitudesI cringe when people say “tell me about yourself.” My response is usually, “what do you want to know?” as my mind tries to come up with a way to change the topic. I don’t like talking about myself. Plus, “about yourself” is super broad. I am many things.  However, from a professional standpoint, I am an HR Manager who has worked in support of nonprofit organizations – as an employee and consultant – for 14+ years. As a student of human behavior, I like that HR allows me the opportunity to interact with and observe a variety of individuals. However, I particularly enjoy the helping aspect of human resources. I view Recruiting & Hiring as helping people obtain jobs. I view Employee Relations as helping people communicate and obtain a healthier/happier work experience. I view Benefits Administration as helping to ensure people are covered in case of illness or injury. You get the idea. In lieu of becoming a therapist, I became an HR pro.

I truly believe – cliche’ though it may be – that human beings are our most important & valuable resource. I view everything I do through an ’employee-centered’ prism, reach is really a ‘people-centered’ prism because employees are people who are valuable regardless of their employment status. When we value people in general, its that much easier to value the people who work for/with you. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always easy advocating for employees while also looking out for the business interests of the employer but I believe the two should be in alignment more often than not. I believe treating people fairly, with respect and consideration for them as individuals, not just as cogs in the machine, should always be a priority.


How much time do we have? Off the top of my head, I’m passionate about:

  • creating inclusive workplaces that are safe spaces for people to bring their whole selves;
  • employee happiness and well-being;
  • removing the stigma of mental illness and encouraging employers to be supportive of employees who are living with it;
  • ending homelessness and food insecurity; and
  • having courageous conversations.


I started this blog to share my views on a variety of HR-related topics as well as to give some insight into my life as an HR professional. We talk a lot about work/life balance but what are we balancing?  They are not separate or in opposition. Work is a part of life just like relationships, wellbeing, etc. I don’t want to write about HR or my work as something that is outside of my life. It is part of my life.  I write about human resources as I experience it, not strictly from a technical or compliance perspective but from MY perspective.  Hopefully something I write will resonate with folks. By folks I mean YOU. 🙂


Twitter is one of my favorite ways to connect with people so please feel free to contact me on Twitter at @tmrasberry. If you’re not a Twitter person, you can also find me on LinkedIn and to a lesser degree, Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you!


SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference 2017

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